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A letter of attorney

I transcribed this from a photocopy found in the Will family file at the ACHS in December, 2008. No. 16 Letter of Attorney John Will to Andrew Shriver Adams County John Will came before me and one of the justices of the peace for said county and acknowledged the within letter of attorney as & […]

The Smith Creek Zirkles

This is a transcript from the Shenandoah Press, New Market, Virginia, August 18, 1893. It was taken from an address made by Edgar L. Zirkle at the Zirkle Reunion of 1893.This comes to us from History of the Roush family in America : from its founding by John Adam Rausch in 1736 to the present […]

An incident of 1863

The following is excerpted from John Walter Wayland’s A history of Shenandoah County, Virginia, published by Shenandoah Publishing House, Strasburg, Virginia, in 1927. Daniel Warrick Burruss II notes in the Mount Jackson Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, February 2005:  “Prior to the War, Colonel Levi Rinker…was one of the wealthiest men and one of the largest […]

The Zirkle Reunion of 1893

Prof. Gordon K. Zirkle wrote in his book The Zirkle Family in America about the big Zirkle Family reunion. It was held in 1893, the story being abridged from The Shenandoah Valley and The Shenandoah Press of August, 1893. The story as written: New Market, Virginia…Thursday, August 10, 1893. The Zirkles and their friends, to […]

German Roots of the Zirkle Family

The Zirckle Family who came to America in the early 1720’s, came from a country that had been war-torn for many years. For this was during the time of the 30 year war between France and Germany. In their day our family lived in the most fertile garden spot in the Deutschland (Germany). The place […]

The Zirkle Family In America

Considerable information about the history of the Zirkle Family in America is contained in a sermon delivered by the Reverend Gordon Zirkle on the occasion of the 225th Anniversary Service of the founding of the Little Zion Lutheran Church, Indianfield Road, Telford, Pennsylvania on May 20th, 1955. Ludwig Zirkel donated the land, assisted in building […]

The Zirkle Connection

The Zirkle Connection, A brief history of Roller Family Ties, compiled by Charles E. Roller, January 1998. The Zirkle family heritage in Colonial America is extremely rich in history and worthy of much more study than I can provide in this chapter. To get an idea of how the Zirkle and Roller family trees entwined, […]