The Zirkle Reunion of 1884

Shenandoah Herald, June 4, 1884, page 3.

The Zirkle Re-union.

According to previous announcement, there was a re-union of the Zirkle families in this region of country, held at the Endless Caverns, 4 miles south of this place, on Thursday, May 29, instant. There was a large crowd present, composed largely of Zirkle families and their relatives by consanguinity and affinity—the gathering embraced, say, some 250 or 300 persons—some 75 per cent of whom were were of that family—drawn together mostly from Shenandoah, Page, and Rockingham counties. John G. Zirkle and Lewis Zirkle, both born in the same year, aged 71, were the two oldest of that family present on this occasion, whilst Mabel M., daughter of Dr. M. S. Zirkle, of Edom, Va., was the youngest present, being 5 years of age.

References and Notes

  1. John G. Zirkle of New Market, (July 9, 1813 – August 31, 1884), son of George and Barbara Kagey Zirkle.
  2. Lewis Zirkle, probably Lewis H Zirkle or New Market/Tenth legion, (January 9, 1814 – August 25, 1899), son of Lewis and Nancy Elizabeth Caldwell Zirkle
  3. Mabel Moore Zirkle (June 17, 1878 – March 23, 1944), daughter of Moses S and Magdalena C (Maggy) Beery Zirkle.