St. Luke’s Church is observing its 85th anniversary (1933)

st. lukesDaily News-Record, Wednesday, October 11, 1933.

St. Luke’s Church is observing its 85th anniversary

County Line congregation is holding special services this week

Church has long led in spiritual work

Congregation takes pledge for “Spiritual Recovery Act” to increase usefulness

St. Luke’s Reformed Church, often called the County Line Church, is holding services this week to commemorate the 85th anniversary of its establishment. These services are called “S. R. A. — Spiritual Recovery Act.”

The schedule of services for the remainder of the week are as follows.

Wednesday 7:30 p.m. — Address, Rev. O. B. Michael. Reformed Church, Edinburg.

Thursday 7:30 p.m. — Addresses, Rev. A. W. Ballantine, Rev. G. S. Derrick, Lutheran Church.

Friday, 7:30 p.m. — Address, Rev. H. R. Lequear, Reformed Church, Bridgewater.

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. — Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. — Holy Communion; 2:30 p.m. — Sermon, Rev. J. Galor Garrison, Reformed Church.

Members are requested to bring basket lunches to the church. A special offering will be taken; members are urged to make a liberal contribution.

Spiritual Recovery Act

So that St. Luke’s Reformed Church may better serve its day and its community, members of the congregation have pledged themselves as follows:

1. To partake of the Lord’s Supper at least twice a year.

2. To attend Church worship services regularly.

3. To support the Sunday School by personal attendance and the bringing of the children.

4. To seek to win others to Christ.

5. To so live in daily life that others may see our good works and thus bring honor to the church.

6. To give generously to the support of all Church work.

Organized in 1848

Early in his pastorate of the Mill Creek charge, the Rev. H. St. John Rinker organized the Trinity congregation at the county line. This congregation is now called St. Luke’s. This organization was effected on the third Sunday in October, 1848, the following being charter members:

William Orebaugh, Samuel Orebaugh, William Will, George Rolls, Samuel Gordon, John Ritchie, Noah Orebaugh, Lydia Good, Sarah Fansler, Rebecca Will, Elizabeth Will, Sarah Orebaugh, Hannah Orebaugh, Polly Gordon, Catherine Fansler, and Anna Rolls. The elders were Elders John Orebaugh and Andrew Orebaugh and Deacon George Andes.

Associated with Raders Church

From the beginning of this congregation has been associated with Rader’s Church and later with its successor, Trinity Reformed Church at Timberville. Records do not show when the church was built but the probability was that it was erected shortly after the organization. From the start this congregation has prospered and frequent mention is made in the records of the large congregations in attendance at services.

The following pastors have served:

Rev. H. St. John Rinker — 1848-1874;
Rev. A. J. Bowers — 1875-1876;
Rev. B. R. Carnahan — 1877-1882;
Rev. C. W. Summey — 1883-1885;
Rev. G. H. Martin — 1885-1887;
Rev. T. P. Ballet — 1889-1892;
Rev. J. P. Harner — 1893-1900;
Rev. M. A. Kieffer — 1901-1908;
Rev. Milton Whitmer — 1908-1912;
Rev. N. R. Fravel — 1916-1921;
Rev. S. C. Baker — 1922-1925;
Rev. H. A. Behrens — 1929-

Present officers

The present officers are:

Trustees — G. J. Tusing, G. L. Will, S. P. Jones.

Elders – S. C. Gordon, E. E. Jones, G. J. Tusing.

Deacons – P. A. Jenkins, B. H. Golliday, C. M. Gordon, Mark S. Jones, O. B. Wine, C. W. Jones.