The Zirkle Reunion

This is from the Harrisonburg Rockingham Register, Friday, August 18, 1893. 

The Shenendoah Valley says: “On Thursday, August 10, 1893, the Zirkles and their connections and friends, to whom a most cordial invitation had been extended, held a Family Reunion and General Picnic in Miss Nannie Quick’s woods, one mile west of Quicksburg, Va.

“Preparations were made on a grand scale, in anticipation of the coming together of a vast concourse of people, and in nowise was the committee disappointed.

“At an early hour people began to pour in from all directions, in carriages and wagons, horse and ‘foot-back,’ and free hacks ran back and forth from the railroad station to the grounds, conveying many from the trains.

“Brass bands from Hamburg and Cabin Hill, and a string band from New Market with an organ, furnished music, to add to the interest of the occasion, and all went ‘merry as a marriage bell.’

“There were over 2000 persons present, about one-half of whom were Zirkles, their relatives and connections.”

Speeches were made by Prof. J. Milton Zirkle, Dr. F. E. Rice, and Mr. Elon O. Henkel; and historical sketches of the different branches of the Zirkle family were read, together with several poems composed for the occasion.