Will Family

The Will Family In America : Descendants of Michael Will and Christina Maxel (in preparation)

Michael Will was born in 1719 in Schreissheim, Germany. His family came from Bellheim. He and his wife Christiana, born 1710 in Leimen,  came to America on the ship Saint Andrew, from Rotterdam, Germany. They arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 2, 1741 with their three sons. They settled near present day Littlestown, in Adams County, Pennsylvania. They were among the earliest settlers in this part of Pennsylvania, joining other families of German origin, such as the Shrivers, Youngs, and Millers. They were among the founders of the historic Christ Reformed Church, located on the edges of the original Will family properties east of Littlestown. Michael and Christiana’s family eventually included six sons: Michael (1737-1821), Jacob (1738-1819), John (1740-1815), Andrew (1742-1821), George (1746-1828), and Martin (1752-1818); and one daughter, Anna Maria (born 1750).

John and George and their families moved to Shenandoah County, Virginia, prior to 1785. Here they joined a growing population of pioneers, mostly of German descent and members of the Reformed and Lutheran faiths. The Wills of Virginia married into many prominent Valley families, among them, Roush, Zirkle, Pennywitt, Lohr, Wolf, Pitman, Hinton, Neff, Phillips, Jones, and many others.

This book is an attempt to document all of Michael and Christiana’s known descendants, from their beginnings in Pennsylvania to the current day. We have currently documented over five thousand descendants and their families, and we find more every week.

Publication details have not yet been finalized. If you are interested in contributing to or reviewing the work in progress, you can contact Larry Will at radio@zappahead.net.